AN INVESTIGATION has found why an aircraft crashed in Herefordshire, leaving two people with serious injuries.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch published its investigation document into the microlight crash on March 10.

It said that on July 1, 2021, the pilot was conducting a series of local flights between Broadmeadow Airfield and Credenhill, both near Hereford, in good weather.

Three previous landings on Runway 26 at Credenhill, which is a grass strip, had been carried out without issue, the report said.

The pilot, 54, said that the microlight was high and slow on the approach to the final landing, which resulted in the aircraft bouncing as it touched down at around 3pm.

The pilot considered that engine power was applied too late in response, and this resulted in the aircraft accelerating into the ground in a nose down attitude, rather than flying away.

The pilot and passenger suffered serious injuries, but received immediate medical attention from staff located onsite.

The aircraft, a single-engined Quik GTR, was damaged beyond repair, and the report said the pilot had 406 hours of flying experience, only 12 of which had been within the 90 before the crash.