Herefordshire Council has defended its approach to mending potholes after a Hereford resident complained that work on one street had only been half-done.

The resident, who declined to be named, said that the council's public realm contractor Balfour Beatty had been sighted on Eign Road mending potholes, but that afterwards, dozens more potholes could still be seen, untouched.

The council said it and its public realm contractor, Balfour Beatty, regularly inspect and maintain roads across the county in accordance with an agreed maintenance plan.

"Eign Road is inspected monthly with defects assessed and repaired as required, the priority given to safety of all users," the council's spokesperson said.

"Due to the condition of this section of the carriageway repairs were undertaken with further defects identified. These will be repaired as soon as the resources are available and in line with identified risk."

Recent council figures show that it has paid out more than £7,000 over the past three years to drivers who claimed damage to their vehicles was owing to potholes in the county’s roads.

But this is markedly less than before the highways maintenance plan was adopted in 2016.


The council says it now mends more than 3,000 potholes each month. It also has an online pothole reporting tool and an interactive pothole map for the county.

However its own recent polling shows five in six residents rate road maintenance in the county as either “unsatisfactory” or “very unsatisfactory”.