IN response to Tony Winch’s letter, Pollution Levels, published on February 24.

It should also be noted that it is not just 2,000 new homes in north Herefordshire. There has been a moratorium on almost all construction and house development since 2019 in the entire Lug and Wye catchment areas.

With the exception of some highly polluting chicken units and large agri-business developments which have been permitted with little or no mitigating action in respect to the pollution issue.

Scientific evidence that has been independently verified has been presented to the council to the effect of proving that the construction industry is not the cause of the river pollution issues.

To little or no effect from the council.

Who are still maintaining the stop and slow destruction of the construction industry in Herefordshire.


We don’t want special treatment, just a level playing field.

It is unjust and damaging to allow proven highly polluting developments to go ahead, when environmentally green and positive developments are not allowed to proceed.

Whether they like it or not, bad farming practice and intensive chicken units are the cause of the terrible pollution levels in our rivers, along with the continuing discharging of raw sewage, with impunity, by the water authorities.

They are not being punished. Just the construction industry, who are powerless to change what is happening to our precious rivers.


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