MONDAY, February 21, is the second time I have driven into flood water without warning.

This was terrifying. I thank a van driver that it wasn’t worse.

Turning on to Holme Lacey bridge from the Mordiford to Fownhope road, (about 3.30pm) I was aware the Wye had flooded but the water seemed well below road level.

I was not prepared for the water streaming across the road at the other end.

Neither was the traffic coming quickly down the hill.


They certainly wouldn’t have known of the depth - or that I was horrified at the expanse of water I would have to continue through.

Two vans drove at speed towards me, drenched my screen and created an alarming wash - I had slowed but feared to lose too much speed.

Another van did stop and allowed me to see clearly. The position, size and weight could withstand the flow and calmed me to drive safely though.

I know cars larger then mine can be swept away.

I was still shaking when I got home and checked the flood warning map.

There was still no red flag.

I rang Balfour Beatty and I am glad they took immediate action - the bridge was closed for over two days. No one else had notified them.

The Flood Helpline simply passes on Environment Agency data. We need to review present practice.

The number and severity of incidents will increase. I have asked my ward councillor and parish council to look into this.

TalkHubs could be discussing flood awareness. It needs the Government to take responsibility for flood measures.



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