A DRUNKEN and abusive man was arrested after calling police to report being assaulted in a Herefordshire town.

Jonathan King admitted one count of drunk and disorderly behaviour when he appeared before magistrates in Hereford.

King had called police to report being assaulted in Gloucester Road in Ross-on-Wye in the early hours of the morning on January 30, prosecutor Eleanor Peart said.

But on arrival, police found he was drunk and was aggravating a volatile situation, the court heard.

King was asked to leave, but kept coming back and shouting and swearing, officers said.

He was argumentative, aggressive, non-compliant, and abusive towards police, who were trying to help him.

The court heard King has extensive previous convictions, and has served custodial sentences.


Speaking on his own behalf, 36-year-old King said he was sorry for what happened.

"I took my missus out to a hotel and we went out for drinks, ended up in an argument, and it just escalated from there," King said.

The court heard self-employed King had never been to Ross before, and that he is currently working part-time due to mental health issues.

King, of Tylchawen Terrace, Porth, was fined £100 and must pay costs of £135 and a £34 victim surcharge.