MAUREEN Phillips, of Gosley (a few miles from Ross-on-Wye), writes, “Kilkot, Gorsley, Upton Bishop and Linton are the forgotten villages our buses have been axed from” without a public consultation, and gives her take on “who will suffer most” as a result (Axed service, Opinion, February 3).


Yeomans, one of Herefordshire’s main outsourced bus operators told the council that it found several services to be too little used to be profitable, and were therefore no longer to deliver those services without a change of contract terms.

Some of those routes have since been altered and put in the hands of Sargeant’s and maybe other operators.

Herefordshire roads are congested and parking spaces under increasing stress, while outside peak hours some buses run well below capacity even when accounting for Covid-related ‘social distancing’.

Land costs less away from conurbations while travel costs escalate.

‘Conservatism’ generally sacrifices public services in favour of ‘low taxes’ and favour ‘my car is my first-class carriage’ isolationism.



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