A SECONDARY school in Herefordshire is reintroducing tougher rules as it tries to leave the effects of the coronavirus pandemic behind.

Rules at Queen Elizabeth High School in Bromyard have been relaxed to help children cope with Covid changes over the last two years, and bosses "compromised their standards and expectations".

But in a letter to parents, head of school Sebastien Seneque said "a more normal working environment" would be reinstated from March 1 as the school, in Ashfields, looked to revert to pre-Covid ways of working.

He also reminded parents that students should not be on the school site before 8.15am, and those arriving by bus should not be leaving to go to the local shop.


Drop off and collection times were also a "growing concern" he said, with drivers told not to block front gates, park on double yellow or zig zag lines.

"I would like to remind all parents/carers that in the last two years we have compromised our standards and expectations on school uniform and mobile phones to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and allow pupils to be as comfortable as possible," Mr Seneque said in a letter on February 10.

"We now wish to return too normality and would appreciate your support as the school attempts to do this."

He said the school would continue to monitor the number of Covid cases and would work with Herefordshire Council's outbreak control hub if necessary.

But laying out the new rules, pupils in year seven and eight would have to hand mobile phones in at reception before the school day.

Those in years nine, 10 and 11 would have to use "phone pockets" in classrooms, with no use of devices permitted by any pupils during school hours.

Any pupils found breaking this rule would have it confiscated, with a parent of guardian told about it.


"For the last two years we have compromised on our standards and expectations around school uniform o allow the pupils to be as comfortable as they can be," Mr Seneque added.

"Our school uniform policy will be reinstated on March 1 and we will appreciate your support in reinforcing this.

"Please note that all pupils will be challenged on their school uniform and appearance."

Currently, pupils are not required to wear masks in high schools after the Government changed guidance last month.

Children are also not required to self-isolate unless the develop Covid symptoms, or test positive for the virus.