A HEREFORDSHIRE headteacher has hit out at students getting involved with "vile" trend on social media app TikTok.

Dr Rob Patterson, the executive headteacher at Wigmore High School, said students could be suspended if they are found to be involved in sharing defamatory posts on the app, where users can share videos up to three minutes in length.

A number of trends emerge on the app over time, from baked beans being thrown at cars and houses, to more innocent activities like dancing.

It was in November when schools across the UK first started speaking out about the trend, which sees students slate teachers and make derogatory comments.

Dr Patterson said he had rarely had to deal with problems on social media, but he had information that a small number of pupils from the school had been involved.

In a letter to parents on Friday, he said it was "the latest craze sweeping the UK" and was "the vile practice of making defamatory posts about members of school staff on TikTok".

He asked parents to speak to their children about the issue and making sure they are not posting content or following any such accounts.

"School sanctions have been and will be applied to any individuals found to have engaged in the creation or distribution of abusive, harmful and defamatory media," he said.

School policies show that any student who is found to have uploaded inappropriate or offensive content to internet could be suspended.

The rewards and sanctions policy from the school said suspensions, previously known as fixed term exclusions, can only be given by the executive headteacher will be issued as a result of a serious offence or repeated failure to comply with school expectations.

A thorough investigation would be undertaken before any suspension, and any extenuating circumstances will be taken into account, the document said.

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