A WOMAN in the Hereford area has been tracked by a stranger via her Apple iPhone and a new AirTag.

PCSO Christina Howard from West Mercia Police said she had "dealt with an incident" where a woman who had an Apple iPhone was tracked by an unknown user using an AirTag.

"This is not something that we have come across before and as you can imagine it was very concerning for all involved," she said.


She said AirTags were developed by Apple so users can keep track of luggage, keys or other items.

PCSO Howard said: "This sounds like a really good idea but unfortunately it seems that the AirTags are now being used for criminal activity.

"Reports are starting to come in (mainly in the US) that the AirTags are being used for stalking.

"This could be where someone puts an AirTag in your car or in your handbag and that user would then be able to keep track of where you go."


"One positive on this is that Apple has had to install a security alert which means that if there is an unrecognized air tag near you, your iPhone will receive an alert to let you know."

She said in the warning to the public that it was not meant to alarm anyone, but she felt "knowledge is power and the more people that know about this, the better". 

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