HEREFORD’S beauty and “community feel” inspired a couple to pursue their filmmaking passions and capture the city in all its glory.

Abhinav Revis, 31, shared a video on the Facebook group the Hereford Times Camera Club on New Year’s Eve, backed by a commentary that shared his love for the place.

Mr Revis followed the love of his life and wife Kari, 28, to Hereford in 2016 where they lived in St. James.

“I completely fell in love with the town's beauty and community feel,” he said.

Hereford Times: Abhinav Revis moved to Hereford for "the love of his life" Kari. Abhinav Revis moved to Hereford for "the love of his life" Kari.

Mr Revis previously lived in Deli, India, but soon got used to life in this English city.

It reminded him of the sub-Himalayan region in Northern India where he grew up.

He has been producing human interest films focussing most on humanitarian and disaster relief stories for some time.

“The people of Hereford are amazing, and I loved interacting on all the community pages online.”

He made his first independent film in Hereford in December 2018 after the heavy snowfall, which he posted on Facebook, and it went viral.

"It was really heart warming for me as a foreigner," said Mr Revis.

After this he started to get friend requests and lovely messages from Herefordians he had never met.

“It was a beautiful thing to be united with people in the community through our shared love of the city,” he said.

This led him to start vlogging in January 2021.

Ever since he moved to the UK, he has been getting messages from Indian people asking him about what it is like to move to the UK; if it is safe for them to come as a person of colour.

“I try to help people.

“This country has given me so much.

“I love the community spirit in Hereford.”

During the Black Lives Matter protest he filmed 'Prisoner in my own skin', this got him recognition at the San Diego International Film Festival in the US after its official selection.

“Hereford is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived in, and it's been such an honour. It's such a quaint picturesque town,” said Mr Revis.

Mr Revis and his family now live in a small village called Wroughton in Wiltshire, but he misses Hereford.

He plans to make more films in Hereford in the future.