POLICE in Hereford say they have tacked down some of the youths behind antisocial behaviour at a Tesco supermarket.

West Mercia Police says it is continuing to investigate reports that a group of youths were throwing eggs at people and cars outside the Belmont shop.

No one was hurt and cars were undamaged, police said in their monthly community newsletter.


But the officers said the group of youths had been in to buy the eggs from Tesco just minutes before throwing them in the car park.

CCTV was provided for evidence, and officers have been able to identify the majority of the men involved in the crime at Tesco, in Abbotsmead Road.

Any information about the December 13 incident can be passed to police by calling 101, quoting reference 00681_i_13122021.


Not wanting to alarm the public reading the newsletter, police said: "Please be aware that any information provided within this newsletter is to inform you of incidents of note and to request possible assistance. We do not want to worry you in anyway.

"Any incidents stated are infrequent and spread about a wide area, and are over a whole month."