WHAT a narrow, unaware view of Leominster from Paul Thomas (Fast Food Dump, Letters, December 2).

He clearly does not know the town well.

Yes, we have fast food and charity shops. What town doesn’t?

But we also have good food shops, including specialist wine and cheese, a delicatessen, two butchers, shops for bread, fruit and vegetables, organic and wholefoods – all selling excellent local produce.

Other shops sell books, fashion clothing, cards, fine arts and lots of antiques and collectables.

Our Tourist Information Centre serves and promotes much of the county and over the border.

We have our wonderful Leominster in Bloom, who together with litter volunteers, keep the town looking fantastic all the year round; lots of festivals and events, and a proactive town council who have taken on many services and projects for the local community.

Best of all, we have a friendly and caring community who became more visible during the Covid months but have always supported the elderly, vulnerable and those in need through many voluntary and community organisations.

We are far from perfect, Paul, and there is much to be done, but instead of criticising and comparing, come and join those of us working to improve things.


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