READERS who have been concerned about the covering of large areas of Herefordshire by plastic greenhouses should be aware of a similar potential menace in the use of solar power generation.

Clearly, this has “green” credentials but the likelihood of substantial acreages of agricultural land being covered with plastic, glass and steel should not be underestimated.

For example, planning application No. 213963 envisages an industrial development area roughly big enough to store 60,000 minis (side by side and nose to tail) along the bottom of the Frome Valley between Dormington and Mordiford.


While solar power is, of course, free, it is only available in practical quantities for a relatively small proportion of the year and requires an industrial process to generate usable electrical energy.

It is a calculated misnomer to refer to these industrial sites as ‘solar farms’ as there is absolutely nothing agricultural about the process.

The electricity generated will be fed directly into the national grid and, regardless of any possible short-term agreements, can, in theory, be sold to the highest bidder anywhere in the country and even across Europe with the advent of sub-channel cables.

Why destroy the environment in order to “save the environment”?

I have, along with many other local inhabitants, of course a personal interest in this particular site which will blight the rural outlook of many properties, potentially for at least 40 years by serried rows of glass and steel panels.

Comments may be made to the county planning department before December 23.



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