FROM the roofer found slumped over his steering wheel in the middle of a road to the men accused of murder, these are the Herefordshire magistrates court cases we covered this week.

A PARTY-GOER was found slumped over the wheel of his car after taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

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A HEREFORDSHIRE BMW driver was caught speeding at 130 miles per hour on a road in Wales.

READ MORE: Speeding Herefordshire BMW driver clocked at 130 miles per hour

A SPEEDING driver has escaped a roads ban after he was caught breaking the limit in Herefordshire.

READ MORE: Speeder escapes ban after being caught on Herefordshire road

A STALKER caused a woman serious alarm in a months-long campaign in Herefordshire.

READ MORE: Sentenced: Herefordshire stalker who caused 'serious alarm'

MORE speeders have been caught out by Herefordshire's only fixed speed camera.

The camera is located in Hereford's Belmont Road, where it catches out many motorists breaking the 30 limit every year.

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AN ABUSIVE man who threatened hospital staff after he was taken to hospital in Hereford with severe back pain has been handed a community order.

READ MORE: Sentenced: abusive Hereford man who threatened to headbutt paramedic

AN UNINSURED driver has been banned from the roads for her repeat offending after she was caught on the roads.

She is among the latest uninsured Herefordshire drivers to go up before the magistrates.

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A DRUNKEN man who smashed a shop and car window has been ordered to pay thousands in compensation.

READ MORE: Drunken man must pay thousands after smashing Herefordshire shop window

CAR owners have been handed hefty penalties after failing to tell police who was behind the wheel when offences were believed to have been committed in Herefordshire.

READ MORE: Hefty penalties for car owners who failed to identify drivers to Herefordshire police

AN ABUSIVE Hereford man has appeared before magistrates after an incident in Worcester.

READ MORE: Abusive Hereford man before the magistrates after incident

A 'PROLIFIC offender' was caught with hundreds of pounds worth of stolen goods, drugs, and a knife in Hereford city centre.

READ MORE: 'Prolific' Hereford offender caught with knife after stealing from shop

A RACIALLY abusive man has been handed a community order after an incident in a Herefordshire town.

READ MORE: Herefordshire man in court after racist abuse

ROAD bans and hefty fines have been handed to more Herefordshire speeders after they were caught breaking the limit.

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A 'VERY intoxicated' woman was arrested after friends called police after she tried to drive away from their home.

READ MORE: 'Very intoxicated' Hereford carer caught trying to drive after being asked to leave

A RACIALLY abusive woman has been banned from contacting her victims.

READ MORE: Racially abusive Hereford woman banned from contacting victims

A HEREFORDSHIRE man charged with murder has appeared in court for the first time.

READ MORE: Herefordshire man charged with murder appears in court

A SECOND Herefordshire man has appeared in court for the first time after being accused of murder.

READ MORE: Second man charged with Kington murder appears in court