AS A frequent HT reader, I have noticed far more input from car-users than from bus users, and so I attempt here to boost input about bus travel in Herefordshire.

There have been letters about closure of ventilation windows on Herefordshire buses in these Covid-19 times. That does seem to me to be the norm despite Public Health England advice to keep windows open for optimum airflow.


Some buses have ventilation window stickers suggesting that it is a matter of bus operator policy to keep them open, but most ventilation windows remain closed and unstickered when the mainly 60+ daytime passengers are on board,  and it can be very difficult to open a closed window especially when the bus is moving.

As a Senior Bus Pass holder, I’ve been told by a fare paying passenger that an end-to-end fare on the B bus route that shares the same Bobblestock Co-op and City Bus Station (Tesco) termini as the 72 bus route is cheaper. Perhaps fares in Herefordshire are based too much on mileage?

Yet while Sunday closure of the Bobblestock Co-op routes exacerbates my hand carrying of shopping, on other days the 72 also makes it easier for me to include Whitecross Road in my shopping journeys.

And does not basing fares on mileage discriminate against more rural passengers, while also increasing car-usage? 

Alan Wheatley



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