WHEN we moved into our house we used have buses come down our avenue from Whitehorse Street and the double decker buses would rattle the sash windows.

The drivers had no problem coming up Whitehorse Street to drop the pensioners at the bus stop at the top of the street.


Well why is it that the bus drivers can't come up Whitehorse Street and use the bus stops in the street?

It is a joke when they say that the bus driver can't get passed the cars which are parked. That's such a lame excuse.

The bus company Yeomans say they are not profitable routes.

I know that there is a lot of elderly people and pensioners who can't get to town because of the lack of service in the Westfaling street area.

So why don't the bus company use smaller buses like the hoppers which we all loved.

It's a shame that the council and can't Yeomans get together and put smaller buses on the difficult routes.

We must ask why not help the pensioners to go to town?

Colin George Camden


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