I MOVED GP surgeries because I did not find Hereford Medical Centre worked well for me or my family.

However, when I really needed to see someone, I got in. Some of the doctors really helped me through some tough times and they were very supportive to me and my daughter on multiple occasions.

One doctor (I am sorry, but her name escapes me) saw me on a Sunday in her clinic and she gave me the time, patience and kindness I needed.


She even agreed to do an onward referral for what I needed in order to support me and she made sure it was done.

Some of the staff are incredibly caring – it is the structure, the booking and telephone systems, and level of staff that is the problem.

HMG should never have merged in the first place, and I think that this has all stemmed from the merger.

If you want to see your own GP, good luck.

You’ll be waiting literally months. There is simply not enough staff to manage such a large geographical area of patients.


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