A DOG has received many a round of applause as she shows off her talents in Hereford's High Town, for picking up everyone else's litter.

Alfie Kitson, 80, of Ullingswick, found his precious pooch Millie at a rescue centre in Spain at eight months old and full of life.

"She isn't just part of the family, she is the family," said Mr Kitson.

Before she was rescued Millie was found in a carrier bag hanging from a tree above rubbish bins.

Now at five-years-old she is recognised for her talents by people in High Town, Hereford.

Unfortunately, Mr Kitson's wife is currently dealing with health issues, which led them to move back to England two years ago to get support from family.

While Mrs Kitson was receiving treatment in Malaga Hospital Mr Kitson walked Millie in the nearby park. This is where her litter picking skills started.

Hereford Times: Mr Kitson with Millie at home taking a break from their tricksMr Kitson with Millie at home taking a break from their tricks

They noticed a big dog performing the same trick, and this inspired him to start the training there and then.

Millie was already keen to carry things in her mouth.

Mr Kitson began putting a box, of similar size to a public bin, in their Spanish garden, bit by bit he raised its height as she understood to drop things in the box.

"She is a very clever dog," he said.

They then took their new talents to public places and were praised by passers-by.

Luckily, the bins in Hereford were just the right size for Millie.

"She enjoys it I enjoy it," said Mr Kitson.

They often get a round of applause from their growing audience in High Town, he said.

"She plays up to the audience, and so do I.

"The dog enjoys every minute of it."