BLACK bins will be collected in Herefordshire once every three weeks in a new plan aimed at encouraging more recycling.

The plan, agreed by Herefordshire Council on November 25, will see households given two new bins to allow for more items to be recycled separately.

Paper and cardboard will be collected on week one, metals, plastics and glass on week two, black bins on week three, and food waste weekly.

An optional fortnightly seasonal garden waste collection will also be available.

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But the plans have divided opinion among Hereford Times readers, with some fearing the plan will encourage rodents and cause smelly bins.

"This could work," wrote Jenny Webb-Davies.

"I’ve been reducing my plastic for the last nine months and I reckon I can go an extra week with my black bin. I invested in a compost bin and it takes a lot of our food waste. There are simple changes that will help."

Elizabeth Oxenham agreed: "I have just got an allotment so take food waste to a compact bin there," she said.

"Going to try and grow our own next spring time."

And Nici Castell said the plans were a great improvement.

"It will mean that non compostable food waste (meat, fish, cooked left overs) won’t sit in the bin for two weeks but will be collected weekly. Shame they can’t bring that in earlier. Herefordshire is way behind with this compared to other councils."

But others were less pleased to hear the news.

"We're not allowed bins along our road as we have steps up to the properties," said Oonagh Richardson.

"We have to keep our rubbish in bags, outside. Two weeks worth of rubbish is bad enough to encourage rats, three bags and the summer? They will be everywhere!!"

Others were also concerned, with Rhianon Robinson asking how the council suggests she dispose of dirty cat litter.

"Yes, it will stink (and weigh a lot) after three weeks," she wrote.

And Fern Fenner said she fills a wheelie bin in two weeks just with nappies.

"Dread to think how that's going to smell sitting in the summer heat for three weeks," she said.

Another concern was the space the new bins will take up, with Karen Morris wondered where she would keep four bins.

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