THE quick actions of Hereford firefighters saved a derelict building.

A fire broke out at the old NHS offices in Eign Street shortly after 7pm last night (Tuesday).

Six fire engines were at the scene at the former NHS offices opposite Batterlicious fish and chip shop as the fire broke out.

Station commander Gareth Taylor said local crews from Hereford were called to the fire in the derelict building.


"On arrival smoke was coming out from various sides of the building," said Mr Taylor.

"Crews worked hard to gain access and then extinguish the fire.

"The crews had an aerial ladder platform to attend the scene which gave them access at height.

"That enabled them to take the tiles off the roof, gain access to the roof space where the fire had spread and extinguish it effectively.

"Early identification of the scale of the incident and potential.

"Making the available resources get here at incredible speed and the weight of attack has resolved this incident and keep a building stood there standing."

Firefighters were still at the scene at 10pm and Mr Taylor said they were making sure the fire was completely out.

He said the damage to the property would be clearer in daylight.

Mr Taylor said: "At the moment the building is heavily smoke logged and has left some staining throughout the building.

"There is no indication how it was caused yet and the fire investigation is still ongoing."

While firefighters dealt with the blaze Eign Street in Hereford was closed.

Mr Taylor said the closure was in place to keep members of the public safe and allowed the firefighters enough space to carry out their job.

He said: "At the early stage of an incident it is really important that the space is there to get water to the scene and work safely in and around the building."