WE NEED the discussions about the NHS to be based on real experience.

Action needs to taken.

A very capable assertive friend was so stressed at being unable get an overdue appointment for her booster.


Her surgery that didn't see it as their problem, it was for NHS England and she didn't seem to be in their system. Her fearless, problem-solving daughter had to take over. Another eventually got booked in Malvern.

They had to queue in their car for two hours – fortunate that the staff there were efficient and informative and were wrong that the wait was not three hours from their time of entry.

My own experience is that my GP practice is accessible and gives clear effective information.

NHS England's letter came first and I could manage the instructions for the internet to book at Elgar House.

I was able to book a time slot but unlike my previous experiences in Ross I had to wait in a queue, starting outside the building fortunately with fine weather and only 30 mins or so but without helpful information.

My surgery is committed to both Covid and Flu vaccinations.

They have difficulties in finding a locum GP to fulfil their needs.

The complicated bureaucracy and supply of NHS England pursuing their own program limits their ability to serve their patients.

Three unnecessary letters have been sent to me.

Mass produced misplaced communication and ineffective systems ignore the effect on individuals.

This is not only a waste of resources but destructive of good health.

Barbara Ferris


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