THE electors in North Herefordshire are represented by Bill Wiggin, MP.

He currently works for a company in Bermuda, in the offshore finance industry, known for its tax avoidance facilities.

He also keeps cattle in the UK.


Bizarrely, the latter are bad for global warming and Bermuda is severely affected by climate change. 'Offshore' in the case of Bermuda, may well become 'no shore' in the near future.

Given the current discussion about sleaze, second jobs etc for parliamentarians, and the failure of GOP26, wouldn't it be advisable for Mr Wiggin to get on the right side of history and stop treating the planet, and his constituents, with contempt.

Every time he flies to Bermuda the island sinks a little more.

Every time one of his cattle breaks wind, the planet suffers.

Does he think that he is exempt from considering the welfare of the planet?

Are his constituents so unimportant that the economy of Bermuda, and his bank account, take precedence?

Colin Boylett


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