ANOTHER couple have told of their despair over losing thousands of pounds when a Herefordshire wedding venue firm folded.

They have complained of poor communication, additional costs and ultimately the loss of their life savings.

Earlier this month Fine Manor Events Ltd, the firm that ran 17th-century Lemore Manor, Eardisley, as a weddings venue, went into voluntary liquidation.

Debbie Hunt was due to marry her fiancé at the manor.

The couple now live in Bristol but grew up around Herefordshire, and many of their family and friends still live here.

They originally planned to marry in January 2019.

Lemore Manor, in Eardisley, and Debbie Hunt with her fiancé RobDebbie Hunt with her fiancé Rob

She claims during their time planning their wedding with Fine Manor Events she complained about poor communication and being asked to pay substantially more to postpone their wedding during the pandemic.

The couple rearranged their two-day wedding for August 2020.

But they were asked for £5,000-£6,000 more to do this, she said.

"We refused, which resulted in six weeks of negotiating to finally secure May 6 and 7, 2021, for no extra cost other than an admin fee of £250."

While trying to change the date the couple received emails from Fine Manor Events saying if the outstanding money was not paid, they would cancel their wedding.

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They were told by staff the company would not be able to keep going if couples did not pay up.

"So, we paid," said Ms Hunt.

They then postponed again to October 28 and 29, 2021.

"We had six wedding planners throughout our time with them and three different chefs.

"The communication has been absolutely appalling."

The couple visited Lemore on September 1 to go over wedding plans.

Afterwards they received no contact for a few weeks.

But a few days before the couple were contacted by liquidation company Opus Restructuring LLP to tell them about the liquidation of Fine Manor Events, the wedding planner, paired with the couple by the company, had been in contact to go through details.

"We were given no indication from the Lemore team that they were in any financial difficulty past the first lockdown."

After being contacted by the liquidation company Ms Hunt rang Fine Manor Events.

One of the company's other wedding planners answered and said, "read the email" and "call the company".

The couple have lost £17,600 and have not been provided with the service they agreed or signed for, she said.

"As well as the financial loss, it has been truly heart-breaking to go through this just weeks before our wedding – something we had planned and waited for so long.

Since the company went into liquidation a new company More Escapes now runs from Lemore Estate.

The director of this company is Ben Owen. The previous director of Fine Manor Events Ltd was Margaret Owen.

We previously reported that West Mercia Police received reports from Lemore Manor last month that a woman had received threats.

Enquiries are still ongoing, said a spokesperson from West Mercia police.

More Escape's say their staff's welfare remains number one priority and they will not hesitate to report incidents of threats or harassment to the police.

They have declined to comment on any specific claims regarding the couple's money.