HAVING moved to Hereford in 1977 the rumours were rife regarding a new bypass, yet here I am 44 years later and apparently the bypass is now dead in the water.

How the local government has, and is allowing almost 1,000 plus new homes is incomprehensible, as the average household has two cars which equates to another 2,000 plus vehicles on the existing city roads.


The damage caused by the existing traffic is once again manifesting itself as the road surface is once again being destroyed by the heavy traffic, and exacerbated by the inadequate reinstatement by utility companies.

It's obvious that the reinstating is done to a price and not to a standard.

How local government can adopt a "head in the sand" attitude to a bypass is an indication of its ineptitude, as every other town/ city has a bypass.

This in itself detracts business from the city and is glaringly obvious.

My hopes for the future of Hereford are at a low ebb until local government sees the light.

Keith Forward


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