WE moved to Ewyas Harold in 2019 and wrote to your paper regarding the time it took to get into Hereford to shop.

Here we are now in 2021 and we mostly shop in Abergavenny, I have done so since 2019.

This week however we wanted to attend the Grayson Perry Exhibition at the museum and art gallery.

As per usual we took to the road at 9.20am and got to Hereford at 10.15am!

Almost an hour!

Then to park for four hours it cost almost £5!

After seeing the exhibition (brilliant and worth seeing) we walked around the town.

Well so many empty shops, some closing down sales and part-time work being advertised – how can staff afford to park?

Wake up Hereford Council charging so much to park (even on Sundays) will only deter people from shopping in Hereford.

We can go to Abergavenny any day except market day and some car parks are free!

If we do pay it’s a third of the cost. Plus it takes 20 mins from door to car park.

Hereford will become just a town filled with charity and discount stores very soon if people don’t wake up very soon.

Park and Ride for goodness sake. Would be one idea.

Well we will be back in two years! Maybe, Maybe not!

Jayne & Phil Moring

Ewyas Harold

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