A NEW Herefordshire health hub and pharmacy will have to incorporate extensive measures to deal with the risk of flooding, according to a planning application submitted this week.

The Leominster Hub will be built on currently unused ground at Marsh Court by Mill Street (the A44) to the north of the town, near the river Lugg.

A flood risk assessment accompanying the application says it lies within Flood Zone 3a, which the Environment Agency says has a “1 in 100 or greater” likelihood of river flooding in any year.

While the 1.1-hectare site is protected by recently upgraded river defences in the town, it is also risk of flooding from groundwater, the risk assessment says.

To deal with this, the building’s floors should be no lower than 60cm (two feet) above forecast flood breach level, or 15cm above the highest surrounding ground level.

The floors should be solid or sealed “to prevent ingress of groundwater should the water table rise”, the risk assessment adds.


It also recommends that a flood response plan be produced for the site, along with a surface water drainage strategy to ensure the newly built area does not affect neighbouring properties.

The two-storey timber-clad building will house the relocated Westfield and Marches doctors’ surgeries, both in Westfield Walk in the town.

These buildings will not then be used “until phosphates output in to the river Lugg and water quality in the river Wye Special Area of Conservation return to favourable status”, to ensure the project does not add to overall river pollution, an accompanying planning statement says.

The design of the new timber-clad centre aims for high sustainability standards, and will seek an “Excellent” BREEAM rating, an industry measure of a building’s sustainability, through its orientation, choice of materials, use of air source heat pumps and heat recovery systems.

It will have parking space for 78 cars with nine disabled spaces, and have electric vehicle charging points. A travel plan intended to minimise the use of car travel by encouraging walking, cycling and public transport, has also been submitted.

When completed, forecast to be by March 2023, the health hub will open from 8am till 6.30pm weekdays, and until 1pm on weekends and bank holidays. The pharmacy will open every day from 7.30am until 7pm.