A “dangerous” attacker who wounded his victim with a knife has been jailed for three years.

Samuel Walker pulled a blade on a householder who had asked him to stop making a noise in Kington High Street.

The man was stabbed in his stomach, right arm, and elbow. He needed hospital treatment and was left with a lack of movement in his arm.

Walker, 26, of Kenwater Close, Leominster, pleaded guilty to two charges of possession of a kitchen knife in a public place, two charges of criminal assault, affray, possession of a golf club, wounding, and beating an emergency worker.

Amanda O’Mara, prosecuting, told Worcester Crown Court about a series of crimes by Walker earlier this year.

Arrest at Leominster railway station, April 7:

At 9.30am on April 7 Walker’s mother called police after returning home to finding her front door damaged after being forced open.

“There were tables behind the door to try to keep it shut,” Miss O’Mara said.

“When she went in she found the defendant and his then girlfriend in her bedroom under a duvet.

“She had told the defendant she had not wanted him to come to the house.”


Miss O’Mara said police found him later at Leominster railway station, where he was arrested.

When he was searched a four-inch knife was found.

Doorbell-camera video later showed that Walker had barged the door with his shoulder.

Police officer attacked, June 27:

In the next offence, on June 27, Walker went to the home of a woman known to his sister, Charlotte Walker.

Miss O’Mara said outside Samuel Walker had stood outside shouting out to fight the woman’s boyfriend, but he refused to do so.

“He kicked the front door twice, causing glass panels to smash, before running off,” Miss O’Mara said.

After later being found by police and Walker became aggressive and attacked the policeman by grabbing his genitals.

Threats with a golf club, July 15:

A witness saw Walker on July 15 shouting and wielding a golf club like a bat. He was threatening to hit two other men, who did not come forward to inform police, and was charged with affray.

Knife attack, July 16:

The victim heard Samuel Walker and his sister, Charlotte Walker, making a noise outside his home in Kington High Street.

Miss O’Mara said he told them they were disturbing his aunt.

"Samuel Walker responded by suggesting he come down to the street,” she said.

“He went down and said his intention was to explain that his aunt wasn’t well, and they should move away.”

Miss O’Mara said Charlotte Walker started screaming at the victim, who noticed that Samuel Walker had a knife in his hand.


He grabbed Walker and pulled him down, and as the two wrestled on the ground Walker stabbed the victim, catching him on the right arm and stomach.

He blocked another stab from the knife, but the blade punctured his elbow, Miss O’Mara said.

After he was disarmed, Walker then produced a golf club, concealed in his trousers, while his sister made threats that her boyfriend would kill the victim.


Miss O’Mara said Walker had several offences on his record, including for battery and actual bodily harm.

Abigail Nixon, for Walker, said a pre-sentence report referred to his “tragic childhood” and that he required a great deal of psychological assistance.

She asked Judge Nicholas Cartwright to give credit for his early guilty pleas where possible.

Sentencing him, the judge said the most serious offence had been the wounding.

“You pulled the knife, you were slashing,” he said.

“By pure luck, no serious injury was done.”

Calling him “dangerous” he jailed him for a total of 36 months.

Charlotte Walker, 23, also of Kenwater Close, Leominster, who was sentenced for affray for her role in the July 16 wounding, and given a two-year community order with a requirement to complete 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

She was also given a two-year criminal behaviour order, which includes conditions that she cannot possess alcohol of any kind in a restricted area of Leominster.