HEREFORD pub has been forced to close because of staff shortages.

The Bell at Yarpole, Leominster, will shut on October 31.

The pub is owned by the Mortimer Community Benefit Society Ltd on behalf of the Parish of Yarpole.

It was reopened by the new tenants Dom Brand, 31, and Nick Reed, 33, in the summer of 2020.

They said: “After all the hurdles we have had to overcome since we opened there are some we just cannot overcome.

"Nick and I have put our everything into running the Bell and are so disappointed we find ourselves in this position.

"Unfortunately, we cannot continue to open past October 31 due to staff shortages. Thanks, everyone, for the support.”


In October 2020 they lost their kitchen team, which was then followed by the national lockdown in November.

Hereford Times: Tenant Nick Reed, 33Tenant Nick Reed, 33

Mr Reed said: “Everyone was looking for staff and struggling across the county.

“The wages were going up and we couldn’t compete.

“We were a new business and didn’t have time to build up a reputation.

“It is heart-breaking as we put so much time and effort into it.”


Plans for the pub and current owners are still unknown.

"The future is up in the air at the moment," said Mr Reed.

The pub will be open as usual this week and will offer 60's, 70's and 80's music on saturday night before it closes on Sunday (October 31).