HAY-ON-WYE will soon have a permanent post office again after more than four months of temporary measures.

The post office branch in High Town shut its doors on June 17 as postmaster Steve Like retired after 35 years in the role.

In the wake of the "regrettable" closure, the Post Office said it was committed to finding a permanent solution, with the town left without a branch or any banks.

In the meantime, it ensured a mobile van service visited the town, before setting up a temporary branch at Country Supplies in Oxford Road.


And despite the chamber of commerce saying there was "much concern" in the town, the Post Office and Country Supplies has agreed to make the temporary measure permanent.

The new branch will open on Tuesday, November 16 at 1pm after two temporary closures for refurbishment.

The branch would be closed from November 1 to 3, and on November 15.

According to an email shared by Hay-on-Wye's county councillor Gareth Ratcliffe, the Post Office said it was "delighted".

"The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us; therefore, the temporary Post Office service will close on November 1, 2 and 3 and reopen on November 4 at 1pm," an email from the Post Office said.


"After which the temporary Post Office will then close to the public on Saturday, November 13 at 1pm, with the permanent new post office branch officially opening on Tuesday, November 16 at 1pm.

"If there are any unforeseen schedule changes which mean these dates change, posters will be displayed in branch to let customers know."

There will be two counter serving positions, where customers can access the same range of products and services with the addition of travel money, MoneyGram and vehicle tax services.

"Working with the postmaster, we'd adapt the current store layout, fixtures and fittings to accommodate the Post Office till if needed," the email added.

"The branch will offer a wide range of Post Office products and services over longer opening hours, so customers can access their post office when it's convenient.

"Customer satisfaction with local style branches is high, and many local branch customers visit outside traditional opening hours.

"We are keen to restore services to this community as soon as possible so we are now progressing with these plans."