A GROUP of performers will be in Hereford this weekend as part of their relay across the country.

The Red Rebel Brigade, a theatrical, apolitical performance group, will be in Hereford on Sunday, October 31, as they undertake a relay across the UK.

The Reds will be performing at Hereford Train Station at around 11.30am, where they will be performing a tableau and reading poetry.

The Reds’ aim is to raise awareness of ecological and political crises through peaceful, silent processions and performances.

The group is doing the relay by train, from Cornwall to Glasgow, to mark the upcoming COP26, the United Nations’ climate conference.

Held every year, the conference is held to assess progress in dealing with climate change. Glasgow is the host of this year's summit.

The group is very keen for members of the public to come along to see them in Hereford and show their support.

Following their performance in Hereford, the Reds will board a train to Ludlow, where they will pass on the ‘baton’ (a large red banner) to Ludlow Reds, who will continue to Shrewsbury.

After another performance in Shrewsbury, they will continue to Manchester, before arriving in Glasgow on the first day of the COP26 summit.

There are 14 different groups of Red Rebels from across the country taking part. Each one will be performing at the various stations on their journey to Glasgow.

Christina O’Neill, joint coordinator of the Marches Red Rebels, has been organising and coordinating the event.

“I had the idea of a nationwide train relay in February, with Reds travelling the veins of the country to the beating heart of the climate conversation in Glasgow,” she said.

“It has been inspiring to see the whole project come together, a result of many months of hard work and planning.”

She praised people who had helped in the organisation of the event.

“There are photographers, copy writers, social media gurus and so many others in the background all doing this, not for money, but because they are all passionate about bringing the message of the urgency of the changes required to tackle the climate crisis to world leaders at COP26.”