Hereford Times readers have had their say on which roads in Hereford should have speed cameras.

The city currently has just one speed camera. It is in Belmont Road, and it was installed in July 2018.

In its first year alone, 4,634 notices of intended prosecution were issued to drivers caught by the Belmont camera breaking the 30mph speed limit.

The following year saw a further 3,557 notices of intended prosecution issued.

In the 2018-19 financial year, 1,552 fines of £100 were issued to drivers caught speeding on Belmont Road, with a further 1,149 £100 fines issued in the 2019-20 financial year.

Which roads you say should also have cameras: 

Alex Smith said: "Marden crossroads on the A49; always accidents there; may prevent more."

Dan George said: "The new bridge as it's like a racetrack by night."

Sammie Smith: "All school roads should have them."

Carol Oldham suggested that a camera should be placed at Three Elms Road, while Sheila Roberts said that Ross Road should have one.

Meanwhile, Alex Osenieks highlighted Edgar Street as a road in need of a speed camera.

Liliane Dean said: "Hinton Road. People using it as a rat run and speeding after and before the speed bumps/mini-roundabout."

"Holme Lacy Road. So many times I have almost been hit because people drive way to fast towards the Wye Inn and don’t see cars waiting to turn on to the road opposite it," said Kay Vaughan.

Elizabeth Louise Williams said: "The A4103 at the Cradley junction hill. Too many people have died and been seriously injured there. It is terrifying."

Philippa Smallwood said: "The A49 Hereford to Leominster; both sides of the hill from Wellington Garden Centre onwards. More than one needed."

Among other suggestions for roads in Hereford, Joanne Dring said Roman Road should have one, Vicky Short highlighted Yazor Road, while Andrea Noel Powell said that Breinton Road should be have a speed camera.