Here is a selection of animals from the RSPCA Herefordshire Branch looking for new homes.

If you think you’re able to rehome one, you can find more details on the RSPCA website.

You can also help the centre by donating via the website’s support page.

Nala and Storm - Dogs

Hereford Times: Nala and Storm (RSPCA)Nala and Storm (RSPCA)

Gender – Female and Male

Age – Nala is 4 years old and Storm is 18 months old

Breed – Nala is a Sharpei cross Staffy and Storm is an American Bulldog

Can live with – The RSPCA are desperate to keep these two dogs together and they think they may possibly be mother and son. Storm has lived with Nala all his life and they’re very attached to each other. They would prefer not to live with a cat.

To find out more about Nala and Storm, you can visit the RSPCA website. 

Lewis - Rabbit

Hereford Times: Lewis (RSPCA)Lewis (RSPCA)

Gender - Male

Age – 6-12 months

Breed – Domestic

Colour – White albino

Can live with – Lewis may be able to live with a female rabbit and he could live with children. He needs to be able to go outside and explore.

To find out more about Lewis, you can visit the RSPCA website. 

Fergus and Megan – Ferrets

Hereford Times: Fergus and Megan (RSPCA)Fergus and Megan (RSPCA)

Gender – Male and Female

Age – 1 year (approx.)

Breed – Ferret

Colour – Polecat and Flame

Can live with – A more experienced owner. Fergus and Megan are ready to be rehomed.

To find out more about Fergus and Megan, you can visit the RSPCA website.