A HEREFORDSHIRE classic car and motorcycle parts business has been sold for the first time in its history.

Corporate director Tim Edwards, of Thursfields solicitors, assisted by Ellie Bryan, advised Jeremy Holden, the founder of Holden Vintage & Classic Ltd, on Linton Trading Estate, Bromyard, in selling to SNG Barratt Group Ltd in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, for an undisclosed sum.

Tim Edwards said: “Holden Vintage & Classic is a family-run, mail-order company, established in November 1988.

“It was the first company selling classic car and motorcycle parts on the internet.

“SNG Barratt Group Ltd is an internationally renowned classic parts specialist which was launched by Stephen and Hazel Barratt in the early 1980s, originally as Jaguar specialists, particularly for hard-to-source E-Type parts.”

The business took off in the 1990s following the acquisition of SOVY, a parts supplier to Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, Aston Martin, Bristol and other British car firms.

The company is now run by son Julian Barratt and employs a team of over 100 people, supplying tens of thousands of parts all over the world.

Holden founder Jeremy Holden said: “The company started as Lucas Electrical specialists for which we are renowned. Luckily some original tooling is still available to us, and in other instances, we have commissioned new tooling to allow the manufacture of otherwise unobtainable parts.

“The product range has now been widened to cover many other classic car and motorcycle parts and accessories, including clothing, books and tools for the garage or workshop.

“We are the go-to place for car parts and accessories for many heritage car manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Land Rover, Caterham, Jaguar and Mini, and also offer a catalogue of spares for Healeys, Bristols, Jaguar XK and more.”

He said good timing was the principal factor in the decision to sell Holden Vintage & Classic Ltd.

“Steve Barratt was the first person I had lunch with back in 1988, when I made the decision to move from an engineering background with an interest in classic cars, into building a classic car parts company.

“The deal took a few twists and turns along the way, but I was very pleased that Thursfields fielded a team led by Tim Edwards that was always to hand with advice and support,” he said.

Tim Edwards added: “This was clearly a deal with enormous synergy and we congratulate Jeremy on building such a successful business and SNG Barratt Group on the decision to expand their reach and range through the acquisition of Holden Vintage & Classic.”