LAST week I listened to the Nutrient Management Board (NMB) Zoom meeting.

About six or seven years ago the NMB were tasked to come forward with a plan to redress the pollution in the Wye catchment.

Pollution has severely impacted the entire eco-system.


Government agencies, councils and regulatory bodies plus lobbyist and local interest groups sit on the NMB.

To date there is no cohesive action plan with names against delivery and time frames.

Everyone defends their corner and uses information and data to justify their position.

The injustice is obvious and there is some acknowledgement that much of the pollution comes from agriculture.

No matter what the arguments the death of the Wye is happening on our watch.

I have a suggestion, disband the NMB Zoom meetings and have the next meeting on the banks of the Wye.

When looking at the water with no river crowfoot, vegetation, few living things and nothing but green slime covering all the banks, rocks and gravel beds, I challenge any agency to defend the lack of action.

Regardless of the science, data, agriculture, sewage or inability to set pollution targets it is a stark picture that the river Wye is dying.

Words are easy action is much more challenging but today we need all members of the NMB to stand up and be counted and take on the difficult decisions no matter who is disadvantaged.

All our wellbeing and that of the next generation requires us to respect nature, and place the environment ahead of profit.

We must act and save the Wye. Gilpin and the picturesque movement saw the Wye in a way we can now only dream about.

Andrew McRobb
Trustee CPRE Herefordshire

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