I REMEMBER the planning for the new shopping centre in Hereford with a nice peaceful road separating the old town from the new.

Instead we have a very noisy and polluting major highway separating the old town from the new, more cars than lorries but you have to consider that lorry uses much more road space, creates more noise and cause more hold-ups.

Where I live adjacent to Roman Road the lorries actually shake the houses as they reach the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill.

Disabled people trying to cross Roman Road sometimes have to wait a very long time for a gap in the traffic.

The council perhaps thoughtfully put ramps up for wheelchairs but no traffic lights and no 20 miles per hour speed limit.

Hereford used to be a nice sleepy pleasant place to live, it is now ruined by traffic.

What surprises me is that it took our councillors 20 odd years of paying consultants millions of pounds to decide quite incorrectly that we do not need a bypass.

Hereford is one of a few crossing points into Wales: it's not rocket science.

Chris Coleman

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