HEREFORDSHIRE Council expresses its blatant anti-motorist prejudice again.

Councillor John Harrington says expiry of Governments temporary measures means areas like King Street, Bridge Street and the old bridge will revert to their pre-Covid status, but we can and will consider them for permanent features in due course.


This means considerable lost revenues from parking and annoyance for motorists.

The ultimate aim by factions within the council is to pedestrianize these streets.

The council is also indulging a few businesses who have been using our pavements and parking areas to extend their business premises.

Are they charging businesses for using these facilities to make up for lost parking revenues or will the Council Tax payers subsidise them?

Hereford has enough traffic problems without closing roads and reducing parking in the areas which serve Hereford's financial and home buying services.

Hereford City has become a series of food outlets from Commercial Road, Commercial Street, and Union Street to High Town, Broad Street, King Street and Bridge Street.

The increase in fumes, litter and seagulls is a sad result of this overkill.

I wait with bated breath on their plans for our library and museum in Broad Street, another loss of Hereford's heritage.

Garry Cullen


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