FOLLOWING the recent closure of Hampton House Residential Care Home, I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all the staff at the home who have worked tirelessly throughout recent weeks to ensure a smooth transition for all our residents.


May I also thank residents' families for their support and all the wonderful cards and gifts expressing gratitude.

For nearly 70 years Herefordshire Old Peoples Housing Society at Hampton House has provided, in a lovely setting, an excellent environment for residential care for the elderly.

When it opened the home was one of only a small number of care homes for the elderly in the country and as a charity provided a valued asset to residential care in Herefordshire.

We are, of course, saddened by its closure, which was for the trustees a devastating decision to make, but have been very pleased by the smooth relocation of all residents.

Our good wishes for the future go to all the residents, their families and last, but not least, our staff.

Thanks also go to the suppliers, contractors and trade persons, most local, who have, over the years provided an excellent service to the home.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the local authority team who provided help, advice and support.

Eventually, a new charity will be established and although not based on residential care, it will have the elderly as its focus.

Phil Thompson

Chairman of Herefordshire Old People's Housing Society

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