PETROL stations in Hereford have been inundated with drivers buying fuel over the weekend as demand soared after reports of supply issues at some BP stations.

Petrol Retailers Association chairman Brian Madderson told the BBC the shortages were down to “panic buying, pure and simple” as he hit out at whoever leaked BP’s initial supply concerns to the media following a meeting with Government earlier this month.


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps appeared to suggest the leak had come from industry body the Road Haulage Association, a charge senior figures at the organisation have denied.

Many petrol stations have been forced to close as the high demand has led to low supplies.

Some ran out of diesel with just a few pumps running, others have enforced a maximum spend.

Here’s a list of petrol stations open in Hereford this morning:

Hinton Services on Ross Road

Open with unleaded and diesel available.

Asda petrol station in Belmont Road

Open with unleaded and diesel available but have a £30 maximum spend.

Sainsburys petrol station in Grimmer Road

Open as usual with petrol and diesel.

Shell garage in Whitecross road

They have had a delivery this morning and are open as usual with both petrol and diesel.

Here’s a list of petrol stations with no fuel in Hereford this morning:

Co-operative in Holmer Road

  • The Co-op petrol station does not have fuel available today but are expecting a delivery tomorrow, said a petrol attendant.

BP garage in Rotherwas

  • No fuel.

Tesco express in Ledbury Road

  • No fuel.

Texaco in Ledbury Road

  • No fuel.

Texaco in Commercial Street

  • Open to emergency services only.

Tesco petrol station in Belmont, Hereford

  • Tesco in Belmont has a sign outside its petrol station saying it is closed, but a tanker can be seen in the forecourt.

This list may be subject to change as the day goes on.