I MUST reply to some of the comments made by Eligijus Rebbeck in last week’s issue.


  1. "We need proper cycling routes" I believe Hereford has cycle lanes, but not many bikes are seen on them. Their riders prefer to share the pedestrian routes and use pavements.
  2. "Cyclists do not kill pedestrians". Not yet. I can’t be alone in being fed up of all these bikes being ridden along the pavements in the city and residential areas, often at high speed.
    Someone is going to be killed or seriously injured by one of these fools. I for one will not be in the least bit surprised when there is a incident.
    ​Of course, I sincerely hope there isn’t.
  3. Cyclists are entitled to use the roads". Yes they are, but not the pavements! Damn those wretched pedestrians getting in our way.

It would be crazy and ever so slightly dangerous to say the least for people on foot to regularly walk on the roads.

So use the cycle lanes or the roads and keep off the footpaths please cyclists.( I wonder why they are called footpaths?)

And as for the bypass, its a big fat yes from me!

Garry McCaughey