In answer to your article, Businesses struggle to find new recruits, I took particular note of one paragraph.

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Mark Young stated, “We have never experienced this in 20 years of trading, and it is a sad reflection of the current situation of the current generation”.

One of the reasons apprenticeships are not taken up,  as you rightly reported from the ONS figures, we are one of the poorest paid counties in the country.

Pay for apprenticeships is even lower. 

I looked deeper into this, to explore why apprenticeships have failed.

DfE Learners and Apprentices Study: Reasons for non-completion (

A report from the DFE stated that non-completers dropped out when one of three areas were not satisfied.  These core personal issues were listed as family, health and finances, commonly taking priority.

Drop out also occurred when learners did not see their courses as valuable, meaning the content and level were not appropriate to enable them to pursue their career goals.

It also goes on to say that their support needs were being failed.

Young people worried about money and where the next penny is coming from, are feeling just a little overlooked by govt at present and will be harder hit in the coming April. 

Therefore, cannot afford to think of going on any apprenticeship but are looking at better paid factory jobs perhaps?

The apprenticeship scheme could be accused of exploiting young workers and getting a service from them rather than the other way around, a way of recovery after Covid?

If Hereford businesses want workers then they need to pay their wages, at a decent rate and not allow this county to fall further behind.

We need to be realistic and deal with the problems which stop decent, hardworking people who want jobs, being able to go for them.

Stop the attacks on would be workers and help them instead.  In the end, it benefits us all.

Amelia Washbourne


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