THREE teenage friends from Herefordshire went on to form one of the world’s biggest bands having played pubs, parish rooms, and village halls across the county and were ranked among the greats of rock ‘n’ roll.

Lead singer Chrissie Hynde found her backing band of guitarist James Honeyman-Scott, bassist Pete Farndon, and drummer Martin Chambers to form the Pretenders in 1978.

Steve Dan shared a photo of the band with our Facebook group We Grew Up In Hereford, which led to comments from people who had fond memories of the band. 

Nigel Johnson realised he knew the drummer.

He said: “I went to school and played footie with Martin. Met him on two of their tour visits to California. Good lad and drummer. Onward.”

Marcos Anderson reminisced about his time playing music with the band.

“Played with Jimmy and Pete many times. Pete came to Sheffield and got me to come and play with him and Paul Cheshire in Cold River Lady mk II,” he said.

Steven Harris mentioned gigs they played in Hereford.

He said: “Saw them at the tech college in 1979. They told the music press it was the worst gig they ever played.” 

Peter Breen replied: “I was there too, Steve. Some of the crowd were embarrassing towards Chrissie Hynde. If I recall some of the crowd were spitting onto the stage.”


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Others shared where band members used to live.

Denise Smith said: “Martin Chambers lived two doors away from me in Beattie Avenue.” 

Eirwen Wiggins said: “I knew Jimmy because I was best friends with his sister Lyn. I spent a lot of the time with his family in Barton Road.”

Jean Ramsay posted: "I've just seen the Hereford Times and the photo of The Pretenders.

"Knew Pete Farndon from the Bowlers and through my ex-husband.

"Just in case there are any people on this group from back then in the early 70s, here are two pictures of our very strange wedding. You might recognise a few! Pete is behind Les Matthew in the white suit." See Jean's pictures here.

Four years into their career, Hynde and Chambers were the only original members left.

Farndon died in 1983 aged 30.

Two days later Honeyman-Scott was found dead of heart failure caused by a cocaine overdose.

Hynde still runs the band, with Chambers in and out.