THIS intrepid group of swimmers were pictured were enjoying their dip in the river Wye so much they risked a parking ticket!

The wetsuit-clad bathers were spotted heading downstream from Hereford by Hereford Times Camera Club photographer Liana Rock.

They stopped swimming – and posed for a quick snapshot – to check on their location.

Liana said: "They asked me could they get out the river if they carried on downstream as they needed to get back to their car parked in town.


"I said yes, but they would have a long walk back to the bridge and they only had half an hour to go back to the car.

"I directed them back to the Victoria Bridge so they could get back and wouldn't get a parking ticket for being late."

According to Outdoor Swimmer magazine, searches for the term "wild swimming" – which refers to "swimming (or dipping) in rivers, lakes, pools, the sea etc" increased 94 per cent between 2019 and 2020.

Wild swimming is seen by many as a chance to get some exercise, explore the local countryside and even visit new places in search of different waters.

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