POLICE want more information about two people who they think were poaching in Herefordshire.

West Mercia Police said it had received a report of "individuals" poaching on land near the Garnstone Estate, Weobley.

Two people were said to be in a car, described as a silver Subaru Legacy with a loud exhaust.

PC Josh Kitchen said the people were using torches and were with a dog, possibly a lurcher, on Wednesday night (September 8).

After being seen on the land in Weobley, the car then travelled across the A4110 and A49 before the witness lost sight of the vehicle in Sutton St Nicholas, he said.

Any information about this incident can be reported to police online or by calling 101 with the reference 00733 i 08092021.

According to Lancashire Police, poachers often hunt animals such as rabbits, deer and species that fall under the heading of 'game', which includes hares, pheasants and grouse.

"Poachers now tend to roam in numbers often driving 4x4 motor vehicles, with a number of dogs and weapons," the force said.