A HEREFORDSHIRE farmer will be featuring in a BBC Two show this week as he's recognised for his heroism when he helped out a Yorkshire friend who was in hospital with coronavirus.

Sam Stables, who farms on Duchy of Cornwall land near Hereford at Kingsthorne, drove 200 miles to the Yorkshire Dales to round up fellow farmer David Newhouse's 140 sheep when he was ill with Covid.

He then took them back to Herefordshire to lamb alongside 350 of his own, saving their lives.

And now, as part of BBC Two show Jay's Yorkshire Workshop, Mr Newhouse has nominated Mr Stables for an award which recognises heroic acts.

Mr Stables, who set up a mental health charity after struggling himself, will be given a a bespoke, handmade piece of wooden furniture to recognise what he did, going above and beyond.

A team of furniture makers will take on a technically challenging build crafting a beautiful picnic box complete with a drawer and mini table to thank Mr Stables for his help.

Presenter Jay Blades, a furniture restorer and presenter, will hear first-hand what makes Mr Stables a deserving winner when the episode is broadcast on Wednesday (September 8).

Producers said: "For newbie fine furniture makers, Les and Ant, it’s their first time attempting tricky dovetail joints – but are they up for the challenge?

"Ryan and Michelle come to the workshop to meet Jay. Ryan lived on the streets for six years until he was helped by Becky and Shelley, two women who set up charity in Leeds called Homeless Street Angels.

"Becky had experienced homelessness herself but after she turned her life around, she wanted to support others. Expert woodworker Isabelle and her team make a beautiful angel wings sculpture for Ryan to thank the two sisters.

"But bending wood into shape is a tricky, delicate job that Isabelle’s team have never attempted before.

"Finally, Saf’s team create a pair of sun dials to thank two teenagers who love the outdoors and volunteer regularly in their local park, litter-picking to keep it looking its best."