A HEREFORD councillor has tried cycling across the city but was disappointed by the experience.

Conservative councillor for Newton Farm Ann-Marie Probert questioned whether Hereford did actually have "amazing" cycle routes as she shared what it was like.

Trying to cycle from her home in Holme Lacy Road to her parents' house in Tupsley, the journey got off to a bad start with cars blocking dedicated lanes.


She also didn't like the fact there was only one lane in Ledbury Road.

Sharing thoughts on her experience on August 19, Coun Probert said: "So they say we don't need a bypass so I decided today to go out on my bike to visit my parents, apparently we have some amazing cycle paths to use.

"I live in Holme Lacy Road by the Co-op and they live in Tupsley.

"Just past my house I find this [a car parked on the cycle lane], then it stops and I'm out on the main road all the way down to the Canary Bridge turning.

"Apparently I'm meant to ride the path, well I hope no one is walking along side me.

"So there is only a bike lane one way [in Ledbury Road] so I presume I use it to go both ways, so on the way back I will be riding out into on coming traffic to get around the cars?

"Is this a good way to travel?"

In the comments on her Facebook post, Coun Probert said she never cycled into oncoming traffic.

Herefordshire Council, which is trying to encourage cycling amongst healthier modes of transport, said the county was a "great place" to get on a bike.

With Beryl Bikes available to hire in Hereford, the council's website said there were more than 20 miles of traffic-free paths as well, making it a "great city to explore by bike".

"Whether you want to commute to work or enjoy a leisurely scenic bike ride, we have a number of cycle routes around the county, as well as network routes passing through the area," it said.

"We also offer park and cycle facilities if you live further afield but would still like to cycle for your daily commute."

Addressing improvements to cycling routes, it said it had "many requests".

"The number and scope of these requests greatly exceeds the funds available so we have to prioritise improvements to the schemes," it added.

"Our prioritisation process ensures that all requests are considered equally against a cycle scheme assessment and ranking scheme that evaluates local transport plan targets and objectives, the council's strategic network and stakeholder proposals.

"The assessment also ensures that we consider best practice and partnership working."