IT seems that some councillors have abandoned their wards in the pursuit of more general political agendas.

I have recently walked around the wards represented by Councillors Diana Toynbee and Polly Andrews, and I was appalled by the amount of weeds growing along most of the pavements in the wards they represent.


The worst encounter was in Greyfriars Avenue, where a number of weed clusters were reaching two feet in height.

Tourists visiting the caravan park facilities next to the rowing club must wonder if they are entering a nature reserve for weeds.

Victoria Street and Edgar Street are also well decorated with areas of green growth.

All councillors have a duty to pay attention to the charismatic appearance of their wards and make necessary representations when required.

Perhaps the council have a policy to allow weeds to flourish and complement the growing roof bus shelters as part of their green agenda.

In years gone by ward councillors would have been publicly calling for action on behalf of their constituents.

Instead we have councillors more interested in constructing unused cycle lanes, useless link roads and intensifying congestion by building hundreds of new homes in the wrong places.



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