A NUMBER of long standing issues of mismanagement by Herefordshire Council have come to light recently, the latest being the shocking overspend on the City Link Road.

This has resulted in many comments about ‘ They’ who should know better, blurring the distinction between those ultimately responsible for the poor cost control and cover ups, under Conservative administration, before the May 2019 elections, and the current coalition, many of whom were ‘new to the job’ and are not to blame for officer performance before they took over.


Deeply buried mistakes and bad management are now being unearthed.

A common factor throughout has been senior council officers who have clearly failed in their duty, including not keeping councillors truthfully and adequately informed and briefed.

Recently there have been investigations and, quite rightly, departures.

It is correct that ultimate responsibility does rest with councillors, but unravelling the can of worms they inherited, in the context also of the unexpected crises of Covid and floods, does not happen overnight.


Chair Hereford Transport Alliance,


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