A TOWN has been named the 'sexiest place' in Herefordshire, according to Lovehoney.

The 'sexual wellbeing' company state that Leominster's 11,700 residents have spent more on their sexual pleasure in the last year than anywhere else in the county.

Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney has ranked all the main locations in Herefordshire to discover where sexual activity is highest in their interactive 2021 UK Sex Map.

Leominster is ranked 238th in the UK table of 1,500 locations.

Rankings for other locations in Herefordshire include: Hereford (329th), Kington (642nd), Bromyard (681st), Ledbury (934th) and Ross-On-Wye (1,001st).


A Lovehoney spokesperson said: “Leominster is Herefordshire’s sexiest place with the biggest rise in sexual activity in the last year.

“We have seen a surge in activity in Herefordshire as singles and couples look to escape the pressures of the pandemic by experimenting more sexually.

“All our research shows that couples with great sex lives enjoy higher overall levels of happiness.”