I noticed that Councillor John Harrington blended in well with the trees and the bus shelter with the 'green' roof.

It's a shame the only plants visible are on the glass of the shelter.

He says three bus shelters are going to absorb carbon dioxide, filter dust particles and cut pollution along Whitecross and Yazor Roads in Hereford.

Amazingly, a further benefit is they will attract bees and other insects.


Perhaps some of our councillors should retire permanently to meditate in their own gardens.

As with most of these potty green schemes the initial funding may come from central government taxation but the funding for ongoing maintenance contracts will come from local council taxes.

If the council are serious about reducing carbon dioxide, pollution and dust, build a proper road system that reduces the need for traffic from all directions to run through the city centre.

A functional scheme without a bypass would require both eastern and western bridge crossings.

On another note, If Derrick Brown remembers correctly the original Holme Lacy bridge, near Hereford, was narrow had a weight restriction and was not suitable for heavy traffic.

The new bridge in 1972 was designed to carry heavy commercial traffic and became the first eastern crossing to do so.

Garry Cullen