FIREFIGHTERS from Leominster have been called out to tackle a blaze in a field which was spotted by a passing train driver.

Leominster fire station said a crew was sent out to the blaze on Thursday (July 15) and had to be escorted two miles along the tracks.

Once two crew members had found the fire, they were able to give directions via roads and fields to the rest of the firefighters.

"Earlier today a crew from Leominster were mobilised to a fire which had been spotted by a train driver as they were passing through toward Leominster," the station said.

"They were met by a member of Network Rail team who assisted them safely along the train track, after necessary procedures were put in place.

"Two of the crew, equipped with water backpacks and Network Rail team, made their away approx two miles along the track.

"The fire was finally located and crew dealt with it accordingly after being able to assist the rest of the crew with directions across roads and fields."